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FILM REVIEW: ‘Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk’

FROM VARIETY.COM: “Corbett Redford offers a dynamic, three-hour chronicle of the Berkeley punk scene that birthed Green Day and other pop-punk bands.

By now rivaling Bloomsbury and the Beats as the Most Exhaustively Chronicled Artistic Movement Ever, punk gets yet another regional recap in the documentary “Turn It Around.” Yet these nearly three hours devoted to the East Bay scene and 924 Gilman Street collective, which famously gave the world such breakout acts as Green Day and Rancid, seem to speed by about as fast as a 7″ thrash single.

Corbett Redford’s film channels and sustains the energy of restless youth while communicating the distinctive qualities of a community that carried collectivist 1960s ideals into a new generation, even as it rejected any vestige of their hippie parents’ music. Following its opening-night premiere at SF DocFest, “Turn” opens a week’s run June 2 at the same Alamo Drafthouse venue, with other cities and variably scaled dates following over the summer — some in tandem with its Green Day executive producers’ concert tour.”