In the mid 1980s, on the eastern shores of the San Francisco Bay, a fuse was lit. As the shadows of the 1960s counterculture gave way to the Reagan 80s, disillusioned kids growing up in Berkeley and its surrounding suburbs discovered punk rock... and each other. Together, with amplifiers, copy machines and hearts blazing, they fought to carve out a movement of their own, and changed music, art and literature forever.

EAST BAY: By the Punx, For the Punx, About the Punx is the story of how the East Bay’s unique and thoughtful style of punk rock arose, sending out ripples from the incredibly diverse community of misfits that banded together around Berkeley’s 924 Gilman. Today, the world at large knows about some of the bands who emerged from this scene like Green Day, Rancid & AFI, but their success is just the tip of the iceberg; the roots of this inspiring story go deep into the underground.

Drawing from over 150 interviews, footage from hundreds of live shows, and thousands of archival photos and flyers, the story of the East Bay punk scene is told by the people who were there; its unlikely beginnings, its struggles and triumphs, and how it continues to be influential today. The film will be a definitive telling of an unforgettable story, drawing from a wide variety of viewpoints.

The documentary EAST BAY: By the Punx, For the Punx, About the Punx is being executive produced by Green Day and directed & co-produced by East Bay native Corbett Redford, alongside a production crew of local musicians, artists, and friends from the East Bay punk scene, including Kamala Parks, Robert Eggplant, Greg Schneider & Dan Abbott, with art contributed by Aaron Cometbus, Tim Armstrong, Janelle Hessig, Jesse Michaels & more...

We are looking for archival photos, flyers or video (casual or live show) footage of any individuals or bands that participated in the 1980 - 1994 era of the East Bay punk scene. Some of the bands that we are focusing on include: Neurosis, Christ On Parade, Isocracy, Corrupted Morals, Operation Ivy, Soup, Crimpshrine, Mr. T Experience, Green Day/Sweet Children, Rancid, Blatz, Filth, Sweet Baby, Econochrist, Spitboy, Jawbreaker, Fifteen, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Gr'ups, Schlong, AFI, Tilt, Kamala and the Karnivores, Samiam, Monsula, Cringer, Raooul, Yeastie Girlz, The Tourettes, Black Fork, The Skinflutes, Sewer Trout, Fang, Special Forces, Nuisance, The Lookouts and other bands of interest from the 1980-1994 East Bay punk scene.

Non-East Bay bands we are looking for archive items for that relate to their association with the East Bay/Gilman: Screeching Weasel, Flipper, Dead Kennedys, Avengers, NOFX, Victim's Family, Fugazi, Nomeansno, Bikini Kill, Bad Religion, MDC and more.

Please get in touch with the project’s lead archivist Daniel Hague at archive@eastbaypunk.com if you would like to contribute any archive materials to the film from 1980 - 1994 era.